Video Poker Bonus

The Video Poker Bonus poker game is another variation of the ever popular Jacks or Better. While it isn’t as huge as the game it’s based on, bonus poker is, in fact, one of the most played video poker games in casinos. Since it follows the gameplay of Jacks or Better Video Poker, this game variation can be played by simply knowing how to play video poker in general. This includes knowing hand rankings and the strategies needed to have better odds of winning payouts per play. However, the Video Poker Bonus poker game has added its own twists that make this game interesting and different from Jacks or Better.

One noticeable change in this game variation is the evident addition of three hands. Positioned in between the straight flush and the full house, these new hands are basically different versions of a four of a kind. Because of the inclusion of the new versions of the four of a kind, you now have 12 winning hands to aim for when you play bonus poker.

The highest paying four of a kind is the four aces hand, which pays 400 coins on a maximum bet. As the name suggests, this hand must include all four aces plus a kicker, regardless of its value. Next to this is the four of a kind of 2s, 3s, and 4s. This winning hand should have four cards of any of the given value plus a fifth card. Catching this hand will easily score you 200 coins. Meanwhile, the last and the least-paying of the three new hands is the four of a kind of 5s through kings. So, basically, the remaining cards comprise this hand. And like the previous hands in Video Poker Bonus poker, the kicker can be of any value. Finish with this hand, and you will win 125 coins.

If you know how to play Double Bonus or Double Double Bonus, you will surely see their similarities with this one. True enough, their pay tables are almost the same, but that of bonus poker offers the least payouts for the winning four of a kind hands. In effect, you can also use the same strategies here to increase your chances of winning. Of course, since the four aces pays more than the other hands, except the royal flush, prioritize this hand once you’re dealt a pair of aces.

Video Poker Bonus poker is an exciting game variation, where more coins are up for grabs. So, whether you’re playing this game on a video poker machine or on your computer, go ahead and make the most out of it. After all, it sure is fun to catch a four of a kind in this game.