Video Poker

Video poker is a popular form of gambling that has been around since the early seventies when it was first introduced. Several decades after, this casino game is still widely enjoyed by numerous casino players all over the world, which can be attributed to the simple game mechanics involved, high probability of hitting large wins, and the help of exclusive casino affiliate program campaigns that made online betting sites more popular than ever.

Although initially regarded as a game of luck, which makes it comparable to slot machines, this, as a matter of fact, is a game that requires skills. This explains the possibility for anyone to win huge payoffs after mastering various strategies that will ensure players to get the highest returns possible after each round of every game. While high pay tables seem very attractive, especially to amateur players, skilled players actually tend to win more even when they choose to play those that offer lower pay tables. This clearly debunks the saying that the house has the advantage once the skills take place.

In effect, myriad players flock to casinos to play Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild, which are two of the well-known variations of video poker. Deuces Wild, which makes two of all suits a wildcard, offers 100.8% payoff in theory, while Jacks or Better, also called Draw Poker, offers 99.5% when played using a perfect video poker strategy. But despite the lower payoff of the latter, most other kinds of this game are actually based on Jacks or Better with each only varying its payoffs for certain combinations. Examples of these variations are Tens or Better, Double Bonus, and Double Double Bonus.

Available and accessible

This game can be played in every casino provided that there are video poker machines installed. And with such high demand, there’s no reason for any casino to not have these machines, whether higher or lower-paying ones, available on their floor. Moreover, many video poker online casinos through modern technology have perfected their ways of offering this popular game to just about anyone in the globe who has registered for an account in these respective casinos. As a result, most players, nowadays, wager on this classic yet exciting game in the comfort of their home as long as they have a working computer and fast Internet connection speed.

Simple and easy

The rules of this game are very basic. A player will simply have to wager and press the “deal” button to receive five cards that have been randomly selected from a 52-card deck. Selecting which cards to drop and which to keep, then, takes place. This step is crucial as the remaining cards, along with the replacements, must form a winning combination, that’s why it would help to know some strategies.

Moreover, knowing the different video poker hands and their ranks—royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pair, pair of jacks or better video poker—is important. Mastering an optimal strategy to achieve these combinations, preferably those with higher ranking ones, will ensure the player’s chances of beating the game and earning loads of money from playing rounds of video poker.