100 Hand Video Poker

Video poker can be played up to 100 hands. This simply means that besides the five dealt cards, you also have 99 other sets of the same dealt cards. The drawn cards, however, will vary, therefore, forming different hands, which will definitely earn you payouts.

Many people believe, then, that they can increase their odds of winning in video poker if they play more hands. That’s why there are some people who invest their time and money in three and five-hand video poker games while others go for 10, 50, and even 100 Hand Video Poker.

However, the common belief of having more chances of winning by playing more hands is false when you’re playing a multi-hand video poker game that has the same pay table with that of a single-hand full pay game. As long as the pay tables are the same for a full pay Jacks or Better Video Poker, for example, you will score the same payouts when you hit a straight flush.

The same goes for the strategy when playing 100 Hand Video Poker. Provided that it has the same pay table with single-hand game, you must always use the same video poker strategy combinations to finish with better hands. Don’t fall into the trap of not sticking to effective strategies just because you now have more hands to play. Keep in mind that if you’re playing three-hand full pay Jacks or Better, there is still a 99.54% payout percentage.

But if you’re thinking that multi-hand video poker will make you ten times richer overnight, you might want to think twice. After all, you may end up losing more and winning less. Think of it this way: the 100 Hand Video Poker machine will cost you $5 when you lose a play at a cent a throw while a single-hand game will only pose $1.25 damage on a quarter per play. Moreover, the more cards you play, the bigger the house edge will be.

This isn’t to discourage you from playing multi-hand video poker, but it’s important that you know these facts before you begin a round. After all, your money is at stake here. Nevertheless, play this to your heart’s content if need be, just make sure to find a 100-hand game that offers a great pay table.