Wolf Video Poker

The Wolf Video Poker software is the follow up to the highly appreciated Frugal Video Poker software that was first in the industry to provide players of all levels with various ways to improve their gaming skills. Another creation of Jim Wolf, this software has taken a notch higher with the much better features it comes with. And the best part here is that it retails for an affordable price with its downscaled Lite version only selling for a third of its price.

This video poker software is packed with new and useful features like the customizable pay tables and the extensive video poker strategy charts that come in three levels: basic, intermediate, and penalty. Of course, expect to find new game titles added to this software like One Eyed Jacks, Bonus Flush, Super Double Double Bonus, ACE$, Double Double Bonus Poker Plus, and Aces and Deuces. Beside these, this full-featured game comes with loads of other great features that are incomparable to its predecessor.

The Wolf Video Poker software also takes pride in the fact that it makes practicing winning strategies very easy and convenient for players who wish to score the big bucks in video poker games. Players are given the freedom to customize the software interface to suit their needs and preferences. This includes adjusting the pay tables, adding plays through Tweak charts, and configuring the speed buttons to quickly launch options that are frequently used among others.

While all these top-quality features are present on the Wolf Video Poker software, the Lite version may appear shorthanded. But this doesn’t mean that the latter won’t be as useful as the former. After all, some video poker players don’t necessarily need to know everything other serious players yearn for. But regardless of the differences of the two versions, expect that you will ultimately learn heaps from the winning video poker strategies found in either software.